Welcome to Sew Feminine

You’ve made it to Sew Feminine!

My name is Corinne and this is my little space to share my home sewing projects and love of style. It is meant to be a platform for encouraging slow-fashion, specifically, in handmade classic pieces that flatter the female form and stand the test of time.

I have named my site Sew Feminine because it embodies my personal style — I have fun dressing in a way that expresses my personal experience with femininity. Whether by nature or nurture, I am energized by immersing myself in this aesthetic. What you’ll find here is timeless style in the form of neutrals, clean lines, delicate patterns, and the occasional deep jewel tones.

The idea to start a sewing blog came about after spending multiple years wondering how to be truly happy. As I turned 30, I decided to put energy into a few interests I had been keeping on the back burner — photography, ballet, a bit of advocacy work, and sewing. I found my stride in photography and sewing.

I have always had the ability to take better-than-average photos and really enjoy doing so. I have also spent a whole lot of time following the fashion industry and developing a very specific style. Why not document my sewing projects in photos and put them up online?

I never knew I would enjoy constructing a garment as much as I do, but the very first time I watched a piece of fabric turn into something that resembled a blouse I stood in my apartment gawking at the craft. As a nostalgia junky, I continue to be amazed every time I learn a new technique and realize someone, existing many years ago, most likely developed it with just a needle and thread. My love of fashion and style have a new outlet and in a world of disappointing fast fashion, I can now curate my closet in a way I had previously struggled to.

I have spent years trying to find clothing I love and can afford. The amount of time I have spent scouring clothing racks in hopes of finding something to suit my style and budget just to leave with nothing but filth under my finger nails is immeasurable. Now that I understand a few of the basics I want to share my projects and the knowledge I have gained while making them.

Much of my initial content will explore the basics, for beginners, by a beginner. I’m excited about sewing and I’d like to encourage others to take the plunge. Once we’ve got some good beginner content going we’ll move on to the fun stuff. Making beautifully classic pieces.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post for more details on what to expect from Sew Feminine, and don’t forget to follow all of my socials.

Here we go!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Sew Feminine

  1. Wow 😮! I can’t believe how much our stories are alike! I’m also a photographer and seamstress! Head over to my blog, follow, comment, share! I would love to get further insight and possibly collaborate with people who have the same interests as me! Great bio by the way!

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