What Expect From Sew Feminine

Hello there!

Things are ramping up here at Sew Feminine – planning, organizing & trying to get ahead of the ball so I can deliver reliable & beautiful content. I have lots in the works so I figured it would be nice to provide an outline of what’s to come.

While this space will initially cater to beginners, it will also provide what I hope to be inspiration for sewers, of any skill level, who love classic style.

As a newbie, I am learning a ton. I am challenged every time I sit down in front of my machine or stand in a fabric store attempting to find the correct fabric for my projects. I come with fresh knowledge of what it is like to feel a little overwhelmed by this hobby. I plan to create content for the true beginner — anyone who is tempted to take on sewing but has no idea where to start. Some topics in the queue explain sewing machine basics, essential tools, how to read a pattern, & basics like seams, darts, hems & button holes. I would like to provide an outline of how to get yourself up & running so you are prepared to start your first project.

Once we get that out of the way we can start the fun stuff. As you are already aware, by the name of my site, my style is classically feminine. While I may occasionally dabble in trends, I am pretty consistent with my tastes, & that’s what I will be delivering — examples of pieces that the lover of classic style will want to wear for years & years. Once the operational topics are out of the way, I plan to move on to pattern reviews, makes, fabric hauls, vintage patterns, product reviews, fashion history & style basics. I have also recently purchased my first Wolf dressform, so it will be fun to experiment with draping.


As you know, the internet can be a scary place, however, I have noticed the online sewing community seems to be inclusive & supportive — that is most likely the reason I feel comfortable enough to share my trials as a beginner. Expect content to include my own missteps & lessons learned, & feel free to comment with any advice you may have!

Stay tuned for next week’s content! We will discuss the basics of the sewing machine and the tools I’ve found to be essential to completing my projects. These posts go up on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Sew something beautiful!




2 thoughts on “What Expect From Sew Feminine

  1. Hello there,
    Wow what a coincidence but I’m a beginner at sewing and I too just got my first pattern to try out!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your project❤ unfold as I know it will give inspiration to go buy the fabric and start on my pattern as well, thanks!

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